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As you move to the cloud, getting your user experience right becomes even more important. Using the Method R approach, you can measure exactly how your applications are spending your time. This helps you ensure new and existing systems, built on Oracle Database, deliver high-performance on-premises and in the cloud.

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Oracle performance tuning
Best practice guide

We’ve put together a best practice guide on how to improve Oracle performance, with insights from Method R creator Cary Millsap.

Discover how to:

  1. Optimize performance of any application running on Oracle
  2. Predict the performance impact of proposed changes
  3. Equip your Oracle developers to produce efficient code
  4. Build sustainable, maintainable, high-performance applications
  5. Deliver and ensure optimal performance in the cloud

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The Method R approach explained

One of the biggest problems with Oracle Database tuning is that non-technical people (and even a lot of technical ones as well) can’t understand it. Although we invented Method R in an Oracle context, it’s easy to explain our method in everyday terms, because Method R is probably already the method you use to tune everyday things.

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Success stories:


Airline uses Method R to optimize key applications

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Food giant transforms application speed in just two days

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Fast triage of business-critical
application performance issues

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Empower your organization with improved issue resolution and faster access to data insights. Enabling you to ensure your new, and existing, Oracle systems deliver the performance your business demands.

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