Independent Oracle licensing services

We help our clients to reduce Oracle cost of ownership, eliminate license compliance risk and maximize return on investment.

Whether you’re being audited, procuring new technology, moving to the cloud or want to ensure you’re getting the greatest-possible benefit from your license estate, our experts are here to help you understand and optimize your license position.


Oracle licensing audit

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Managing Oracle licensing audits and smarter procurement 

Whether you’re at the start, middle or end of your Oracle license audit, Cintra’s experienced commercial team can take control and manage proceedings on your behalf. We’ll liaise with Oracle and keep you a step ahead of the formal process, putting you fully in control.


Smarter Oracle procurement

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Procuring new Oracle technology? We’ll get you the best possible commercial deal

We do this by architecting your cloud, on-premises or hybrid Oracle solutions in the most efficient manner. Our proven, optimized reference architectures and blueprints will ensure you get a platform that genuinely meets your business requirements now and in the future, without requiring you to spend a fortune on licensing.

ISV licensing

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Licensing for application developers on Oracle

Oracle offers a variety of pricing approaches, yet many ISVs remain on complex and costly legacy commercial models that don’t align with how they want to do business. We have the expertise to create – and get approval for – bespoke pricing designed around your business model.

Oracle ULA services

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Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) services

If you’re considering a ULA, we’ll help you decide if it’s the right agreement. If you have a ULA, we’ll help you get best value. And if you’re thinking about exiting or renewing a ULA, we’ll help you navigate this complex path.

Oracle on AWS

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Run your Oracle workloads on AWS in a commercially sustainable way

There’s very little public information about Oracle-on-AWS licensing – and getting it wrong could land you with eye-watering license costs.

Oracle Java licensing

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Oracle Java SE licensing services

Oracle Java is no longer free. We’ll help you put the right licenses in place while minimizing your total cost of ownership.

Oracle Disaster Recovery licensing

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Oracle Disaster Recovery licensing rules explained

Oracle licensing for Disaster Recovery; there are four different licensing requirements that need to be applied for Backup, Failover, Standby and Remote Mirroring.

Oracle on Google

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Top tips on how to move Oracle to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

How do you minimize Oracle licensing costs on GCP? And how do you make the switch to GCP successfully? Using a proven blueprinted architecture approach, that’s how.

Licensing in the cloud

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Oracle licensing in the cloud clarified

If you’re an Oracle user and looking to move your on-premise environment to the Cloud (whether your Cloud provider is Oracle, AWS, Azure or Google) it’s important to look at five key pillars that will impact how your Cloud environment needs to be licensed.

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