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Oracle on AWS
How to get it right

Move Oracle databases and associated applications to AWS with confidence.

There are numerous technical and commercial considerations when moving an enterprise-grade Oracle workload to AWS, particularly if you require high-availability. We’ll help you understand what’s involved and take you on the journey.

Optimize Oracle workloads on AWS
If you’re already running Oracle in AWS, is it costing more than anticipated? We’ll identify why and work with you to address your challenges.

Experienced in open database technologies
As well as Oracle, our people have experience in running open database technologies, such as Postgres, on AWS.

Discover our fast, low-risk AWS transformation approach.

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Whether you’re looking to replatform an Oracle workload, or move a legacy database to AWS, book a funded Cintra assessment workshop today.

Moving to AWS? Five things you need to know

We explain why the future of enterprise workloads is multi-cloud and the five key points to consider when you start your multi-cloud journey.

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All our Oracle-on-AWS services

Discover all Cintra’s Oracle-on-AWS services at a glance. Helping you successfully run Oracle workloads on AWS.

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Optimize existing Oracle-on-AWS workloads

Are you unsure about your Oracle licensing position on AWS? We’ll work with you to address any of  challenges.

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Success stories:

Opt-intelligence logo

Opt Intelligence:
Cloud managed services to support
Opt-Intelligence’s strategic AWS transformation.

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CTDI logo

Aptitude Software:
Flagship accounting product deployed on AWS using Cintra’s Oracle-on-AWS architecture expertise.

Helping CTDI migrate a Fortune 500 technology giant to Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL.

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Why work with Cintra?

Oracle enterprise architects:
We’ve been architecting platforms for Oracle workloads for nearly 25 years. We know what it takes to achieve outstanding service levels on AWS, including RAC-like high-availability
Oracle licensing experts:
Licensing Oracle on AWS is complex, and there’s little information publicly available. We will help you achieve the service levels you need in an economically sustainable way
Cloud migration factory:
Using our award-winning RapidCloud methodology, our 24×7 AWS migration factory quickly takes enterprise workloads to the cloud with minimal risk
Cloud management:
Our cloud managed services teams can look after your AWS platform 24×7 – freeing you to spend more time on core business and innovation

Webinar: Moving Oracle workloads to AWS RDS

Take your Oracle enterprise workloads to the AWS RDS cloud is a major undertaking, with Oracle on AWS licensing implications.

It’s why your transformation journey must follow a proven, end-to-end methodology that considers every step of your Oracle on AWS RDS path.

In this webinar recording, we address the five things you need to know before moving Oracle to AWS cloud:

  • The architecture will be different from on-premises
  • Enterprise-grade workloads are different from web-based apps and services
  • Understand and address the integrations
  • Be clear on the licensing
  • Monitoring and managing the platform is different
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